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Paradise Indian Lounge | starters
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(Please inform your server if you have any food allergies or special dietary restrictions)


To Start

Poppadum 0.60
(Traditional Indian crisps)

Roasted Poppadum 0.65
(Traditional spiced roasted crisps)

Chutney Tray 1.50
(An assortment of Sweet chilli sauce, Spiced onion, mango chutney, Mint yoghurt)

Mixed Lime Pickle 0.60




Starters – Sharing Platter

Paradise Kabab Platter per 1 person 6.95
Haryali murgh tikka | Seekh kabab | Luknowi jinga | Lamb chops

Paradise Kabab Platter for 2 persons – 10.95




Samosa -Veg / Meat 2.95/3.50
(Crisp pastry parcels filled with potato, green peas and caramelised onions or lamb mince)

Paradise Aloo Bonda( Famous in Mubai) 4.25
(Mashed potato roundelwith curry leaves, mustard dipped in to gram flour deep fried)

Onion Bhaji 3.75
(Shredded onions, spiced with coriander, ginger and gram flour, deep fried)

Achari Paneer Tikka 4.50
(Tandoor roasted cottage cheese marinated in a pickling spices, cooked in tandoor)


Starters – Chicken


Chilli Manchurian 4.95
(Batter fried chicken pieces cooked with chillies, ginger, garlic peppers ,onions and soya sauce)

Chicken Tikka 4.75
(Succulent boneless chicken marinated with yoghurt and various spices char grilled in a tandoor clay oven)

Tandoori Chicken (medium) 4.50
(Chicken marinated with yoghurt and spices cooked in tandoori (on the bone)

Murgh Haryali 4.85
(Chicken breast marinated with a variety of fresh green herbs)

Chicken Pakora 4.70
(Diced chicken breast deep fried in a specially seasoned gram flour batter)

Trio Chicken 4.95
(A delightful combination of Chicken Tikka, murgh haryali, Chicken Pakora)


Starters – Lamb


Seekh Kabab Gilafi 4.75
(Char grilled lamb mince seekh coated with pepper and onions)

Lamb Chops 5.75
(Lamb Chops tenderised with raw papaya and marinated with aromatic spices )


Starters – Seafood


Prawn Puri  5.95
(Prawn cooked with tangy aromatic spices and herbs stuffePrawn Puri 5.95d in puri )

Koliwada Fish 5.70
(White fish marinated with spicy koliwada masala and deep fried )

Chilli Mustard Salmon 5.95
(Chunks of Salmon marinated in Mustard and yougurt, infused with curry leaves)

Lucknowi Nawabi Jinga 6.95
(Indian Ocean Tiger Prawns marinated with carom seeds, yoghurt, green chilli, ginger and garlic)

Cochin Squid 5.95
Squid rings marinated with kerala spices and deep fried